AE 510 Summer 2018 Cohort Check In #2: April 8, 2019

This online seminar will focus on effective academic writing, with particular attention paid to effective revising.

Advance Preparation:

Before class on Monday, please take a couple of minutes to read this blog post on the importance of academic revisions.

Next, take a few minutes to read over a section of your draft literature review.

  1. Make note of 2 writing moves that you find yourself making often (for example: I often find myself saying ‘Indeed,…’ or ‘As such,…’). Consider the following question for reflection: Do you feel these moves hinder or improve your writing?

  2. Prepare a list of 3-5 verbs that you find yourself using often. Consider how you may replace some of these. Here is a list of verbs you may think about using in your writing. How many of these do you use regularly?

Next, take a few minutes to read and reflect on the following two pieces of writing (don’t worry, they are very short). These are both examples from my own personal writing process - the first is a draft, and the second is the final version. In between, there was significant revision.

  1. Please download the first draft here.

  2. Please download the final draft here.

If you can, please come prepared to discuss your reflections.

In Class:

  1. Discussion question: Please reflect on (a) any struggles you may be experiencing in relation to the literature review assignment and (b) any surprising ‘ah-hah’ moments you have have experienced during the process so far.

  2. We will go over the pre-class exercises described above.

  3. I’m going to try to split you up into groups of 2 or 3 for an activity (I think I can do this using Zoom). For this activity you will need to come prepared with a 500-word excerpt of our literature review draft. This exercise works best if this is a chunk of writing that you are struggling with. PLEASE EMAIL THIS EXCERPT TO ME IN ADVANCE OF THE CLASS.

    a. Tell your partner(s) what your literature review is about.

    b. Read your partner(s) excerpts aloud for your partner(s). Reflection: After having heard your words read back to you, where do you feel you could revise?

    c. Report back to the whole group.

  4. 1-minute final reflection. Before we conclude the session, I will ask you to spend 1 minute free-writing on what your main takeaway points are for the class.

  5. Dismissal!